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  • Sayonara hangover: we’ve found a cure!

    Brian Beatty is a tour leader for InsideJapan, and has suffered through his fair share of hangovers in his time (haven't we all). For those of you who aren't attempting Dry January, Brian reveals a mystery of the Orient that'll keep you perky and bright no matter how many bottles of sake you drank last night... (more…)

  • 2017: What’s hot in Japan for the year of the rooster

    After 17 years in the Japan travel business, you might have thought we’d seen everything there is to see. And it’s true – we have explored every inch of Japan, toured every prefecture, eaten in thousands of restaurants and slept at countless hotels. Yet in a country as fast-paced as Japan, there’s always something new and exciting happening to make us see our favourite destinations in a different light. So in 2017, where will we be heading? (more…)

  • Kanazawa: little Japan, big wow!

    Claire is a travel consultant in our Bristol office, and spent five years living in Kyoto. She recently headed back to Japan to explore some destinations she'd never visited - including Kanazawa, near the Japan Sea Coast. (more…)

  • New year, new brochure, new adventures

    While you’ve all been busy making and breaking your new year’s resolutions, we at Inside Japan Tours are proud to announce the launch of our brand-spanking new brochure, which has been weeks (nay, months) in the making, and represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned in the past two years. We’re pretty proud of it! Inside, you’ll find a fabulous selection of small group tours, tailored trips, accommodation and cultural experiences to whet your travel appetite. And alongside our classic trips, you might also spot some exciting new things on offer… (more…)

  • Baseball in Japan

    Tour leader Brett Plotz originally hails from Iowa, but is now based in Yokohama - Japan's second city. In this blog post, he discusses the similarities and differences between baseball in Japan and his home country - arguing that baseball is the true national sport of Japan! (more…)


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